2017 Robertson Cabernet Sauvignon

Robertson Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Unbeatable quality for the money.

We don’t really buy into the hype anymore, we like to try wines ourselves and make up our own minds.

When we were initially told about the quality of the 2017 Robertson Cabernet Sauvignon from the importer we took it with a grain of salt, as many times wines are hyped and they don’t always match the enthusiasm projected. Once we were able to try the wine we realized this was everything it was said to be. It’s inexpensive and it is shockingly delicious. We tried theRobertson Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 in a lineup of some pretty heavy hitters that cost multiples more and it held its own.

Working it for several days this held steady and when taken in the context of an under $10 bottle of wine this is one of the better values we have found out there. The Wine Enthusiast has one of the first reviews out, an eye catching 91 pts Wine Enthusiast and ‘Best Buy’ designation, so the wine already is getting some attention that makes reference to its superior quality. A well-made Cabernet of this quality is pretty compelling and when you factor in pricing you have a home run. We are offering this over delivering South African Cabernet for $9.99 and $8.99 on a six bottle or more purchase. We played heavy on this one and we expect once people try this beauty it’s going to move quickly. We recommend stocking up while you can.

Posted by Gregg 

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