About Us

Southern Hemisphere Wine Center, established in California in 1993 by ex-pat South Africans. It seemed at the time that most retailers were heavily focused on European wines, and we chose to go play in a more familiar sand box.

We are a retailer of top-quality wines from Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa, Occasionally, if it makes the grade, you may also notice the odd Tannat from Uruguay. Bottom line – we travel to these countries relentlessly, to stay in touch with their industries. We work closely with many wineries at the source, and also with their appointed US representatives. Our main goal is to showcase the many virtues that these countries have to offer, when it comes to wine. We don’t do private labels or control labels. There is always a vineyard and a family associated with the wines that we specialize in.

We are proud to say we offer the largest selection of wines from the Southern Hemisphere in the US marketplace today. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting wines, without relying on the press to determine what we should be selling you. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and find those gems before they get all the accolades. We have a variety of exciting wine club programs and offer a unique wine gift service which has become popular year round, not just at holiday time. If you want a real introduction to this category, and are looking for “bang for your buck” – contact us or scroll through our site.

One more thing – we have been a brick and mortar wine store since the very beginning. We are staffed by real people, who take calls and answer emails. Real people. Real passion. Real wine.