Casas del Bosque La Cantera Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Tasting Notes

Winery: Casas del Bosque
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
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Bottle Size: 750 ml
Food Accompaniments: Ideally served at 6 – 8ºC with shellfish like oysters or with grilled fish. Herbs like chives, cilantro or parsley. Green olives, chutney and all types of goat’s cheese. Try it with aromatic and spicy Asian cuisine.
Casas del Bosque La Cantera Sauvignon Blanc 2023



Winemaker Notes

The idea behind the wine is to create “thiols layers”, blending and maximizing thiolic aromatic expression so that you can easily identify grapefruit notes combined with passion fruit and boxtree aromas. The juice stabulation technique is a great way to free those aromatic precursors and make them stand out in the wine. The aromatic sensation is defined, pure, pristine and intense. The absence of green notes (methoxypyrazine) is a sign of a warmer vintage than the previous one. The aromatic profile “La Cantera” already marks a style that is also respected in this vintage 2023.

The taste is dominated by citrusy and tropical notes, with a vertical and dynamic acidic sensation that emulates a sense of direction on the palate. The sensation of “saltiness” on the back palate speaks of our home. This La Cantera 2023 is an outstandingly aromatic wine, which delivers the true cool climate expression of our site.

Thanks to the mechanized night harvesting, the level of extraction of aromatic compounds from the grape skins increases. After destemming, the grapes are loaded into the pneumatic press. Only the juice from the first pressing is used for this wine. The juices from the La Cantera block are subjected to an enzymatic process of stabulation, where their lees are stirred several times a day for 5 or more days at a controlled temperature. The fruit from Olivo Camino undergoes a short maceration in the press (6 to 8 hours) after which only the yolk must is racked to tanks. All components undergo two months of élevage on inactivated yeasts before blending. The wine is then clarified, cold stabilized and filtered. The first bottling took place on July 10, 2023. Total production was 5,600 cases.

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