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Casas del Bosque Reserva Chardonnay 2019

Tasting Notes

In Casablanca Valley, with its exceptional cool climate and sandy soils, the winery strives to make a wine that is not just respectful of the fruit, but respectful of Casablanca fruit; that is, a faithful reflection of the terroir. With just about 25% of the wine going through barrel ageing and malolactic fermentation, the goal is to show balance of oak, fruit, acidity and freshness. Quince notes are a frequent descriptor, with zesty acidity and minerality being a consistent trait vintage after vintage. Sure, if you like a more oaked style, you can always go for the Gran Reserva; but for a fresh and tangy pour, this Reserva is an excellent choice.

Aromas of lemon and green plums, with a hint of toasted bread. Lively and dry, with a creamy mouthfeel and a medium long length.

Idealy served at 43 – 46oF with shellfish, crustaceans (crab is a favorite in Chile) and poultry. Herbs and spices like sage, tarragon and nutmeg. Grilled zucchini, mushrooms and creamy cheeses like vacherin, époisses or burrata.

Scores & Reviews

90 points by Patricio Tapia – Descorchados


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