Lost Boy Pinot Noir Rose 2020

Tasting Notes

Color – Golden peach

Aroma – Freshly ripened strawberries, rose petal, and a subtle hint of citrus

Taste – Light and elegant – this wine has a vibrant strawberry foundation with notes of white pear, grapefruit, and a lingering rose petal finish

Alcohol – 12.76%

Residual Sugar – 3.42g/L

Total Acidity – 7.25g/L

PH – 3.39

Rosé is like recreation: both should be taken seriously. This Provence-inspired Rosé of Pinot Noir is an elegant, bright, and tastefully fruity testament to the rugged mountainside Pinot grapes found on the southernmost tip of Africa.


R300,00 (roughly $20) from every case of this rosé goes to Wildlife ACT to support their African Wild Dog conservation program. The African Wild Dog is the second most endangered carnivore in Africa and, for the species to thrive, they require large tracts of effectively managed protected areas and safe corridors for individuals dispersing to new areas. Wildlife ACT’s work includes daily, year-round monitoring of this species; designing, funding and fitting tracking and anti-snare collars to individuals; and assisting with the relocation of Wild Dogs to new protected areas. They are extremely susceptible to snaring and being persecuted when outside of protected areas and it is, therefore, paramount to their survival that the species is effectively monitored.

Winery: Lost Boy
Varietal: Pinot Noir
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Bottle Size: 750 ml
Lost Boys Rose 2020



Winemaker Notes

Composition – 100% Pinot Noir

Appellation – Cape Agulhas, South Africa

Terroir – Situated on the south-facing slopes of a Fynbos-covered peak. The sea below can be seen from the upper rows of the block. Soils include sand, granite, and iron-rich Ferricrete. The 3.59HA block is 13 years old and very low-yielding.

Wood – None

Production – 500 bottles

Harvested by hand on the 12th of February, 2020 in the late afternoon on a cool, cloudy day at 22.8 degrees balling. The grapes spent the night in a refrigerated room for 24 hours of cold maceration. On the 13th of February, the 1T of Pinot Noir grapes were de-stemmed (no crushing) and hand pressed in a wooden basket press, 200kg’s at a time. Juice was transferred to a 600L stainless steel tank overnight for cold settling, before being racked to 600L egg tank with a cooling probe at the top. Inoculated with Alchemy IV yeast and gently guided through a cold and slow ferment lasting 14 days and never going above 17 degrees Celsius. The minimal skin contact, cold/slow ferment with a fruit-focused yeast, and slow-ripened grapes with beautiful acidity all come together to create a stunning, Provence-inspired Rosé.

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