Matetic Corralillo Pinot Noir 2017

Tasting Notes

Winery: Matetic
Varietal: Pinot Noir
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Bottle Size: 750 ml
Matetic Corralillo Pinot Noir 2017


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Winemaker Notes

The Pinot Noir grapes used for Corralillo Pinot Noir 2017 come mostly from our Valle Hermoso vineyard, located just 12 km from the Pacific Ocean, and planted on gentle hills where they are directly influenced by the cool coastal climate. This closeness to the coast lends unique
characteristics to the grapes, with 60% of the total corresponding to clone 777, and 40% to clone 115. Valle Hermoso’s soils are of granitic origin in an advanced state of decomposition, with a presence of mica rich in iron, and a texture without aggregation at a depth, where the roots can grow unencumbered. Thanks to the biodynamic management of the vineyard, the grapes reach a natural balance. Additionally, for this vintage we selected soils according to their distinct characteristics of granitic composition, depth, and conductivity, among other factors.

The grapes were hand-harvested and transported to the winery, where they were cooled and then subjected to a strict selection of bunches and grapes. Whole bunches and berries were then transferred by gravity to stainless steel tanks with 8- and 5-ton capacities for a cool prefermentation maceration at 6ºC. The must was fermented using specially selected native yeasts specific for this variety, using only natural yeast nutrients. A varying set of winemaking techniques and extraction methods were used for more varietal expression and complexity. The wine aged in French oak barrels for 11 months to improve the evolution of the tannins and correct aromas.

With an intense and deep red color, this Pinot Noir shows aromas of red fruit like strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry with a subtle spicy note very characteristic of the variety. The tannins are smooth and elegant on the palate, and the vibrant acidity lends a long, juicy finish.

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