Painted Wolf Ros Pinotage Rosé 2019

Tasting Notes

So much has been written about Pinotage and so many opinion shapers have em- braced it as the grape that defines South Africa’s wine industry. Since its creation in 1925, it has been fashioned as a red table wine intended to straddle the aromatic and flavor spectrums of Burgundy and the Rhone Valley. Signature wines of iconic status have been made with this grape, but very few producers have tried to make Rose from it. Ros Pinotage rosé is named after “Rosalind Kock” who in the early days of Painted Wolf, supplied grapes off her husband’s farm in Simondium, Paarl. She is also an accomplished artist, who drew the charming Painted Wolf puppy on the Ros label. When one thinks about Rose from Provence, it embodies very similar characteristics to this wine. A bright fruity (yet bone dry) wine with strawberry, cherry and cranberry flavors, a gentle underlying minerality and a zippy lingering finish.

Winery: Painted Wolf
Varietal: Rose
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Bottle Size: 750 ml
Painted Wolf Ros Pinotage Rose 2019


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Food Pairings:

Painted Wolf Ros Rose is a wonderful multitasker. Especially good with spicy peri peri prawn, greek style lemon chicken, ratatouille, deep fried calamari, fish and chips, mezas, tapas and just about anything else smoky, tangy and garlicy.

Winemaker Notes

The grapes for this wine were sourced from a single block of Pinotage in the Paarl region, picked especially for making rosé.
We have set out to make the finest and most elegant dry Rosé possible from Pinotage. The grapes were handpicked into small baskets and taken to the cellar and were destalked and gently crushed. The juice had roughly 12 hours of skin contact before we gravity drained the juice off the skins. We recovered 9500 litres of juice from 24 tons of grapes, the lightest and most elegant free run juice.

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