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Tait The Border Crossing

Tait The Border Crossing Shiraz 2019



Discover the extraordinary Tait The Border Crossing Shiraz 2019, a wine that captures the essence of Australia’s rich winemaking tradition. This Shiraz is a remarkable representation of the 2019 vintage, known for producing grapes of exceptional quality and depth. Crafted from the finest vineyards across Australia’s renowned wine regions, The Border Crossing Shiraz is a testament to Tait’s commitment to excellence.

At Tait, we believe in creating wines that express the unique character of their terroir. The Border Crossing Shiraz is the epitome of this philosophy, showcasing the skillful blend of traditional and modern winemaking techniques. This Shiraz is not just a beverage; it’s a journey through the heart of Australia’s wine country, offering a taste experience that is as memorable as it is delicious.

Technical Notes

  • Grape Variety: 100% Shiraz.
  • Vineyard Location: Sourced from select vineyards in Australia, known for producing premium Shiraz grapes. These vineyards are located in regions that provide optimal growing conditions for Shiraz.
  • Soil Type: The vineyards feature a variety of soil types, each contributing to the rich flavor profile and complexity of the Shiraz grapes. These soils range from loamy to clay and are well-drained, aiding in the concentration of the grapes’ natural sugars and flavors.
  • Climate: The 2019 vintage was characterized by a favorable climate, with a balance of warm sunny days and cooler nights. This climate condition allowed for optimal ripening of the grapes, enhancing the development of complex flavors and aromas.
  • Harvesting: Grapes are harvested at the peak of maturity, ensuring that only the best quality fruit is selected. This process focuses on preserving the balance of natural sugars, acidity, and tannins in the grapes.
  • Fermentation: Fermentation is carried out under controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks, allowing for the preservation of the Shiraz’s characteristic fruity flavors and aromas. Techniques are employed to ensure a balanced extraction of color and tannins.
  • Aging: The wine is aged in oak barrels, which imparts additional complexity and depth to the wine. The oak aging process is carefully managed to ensure that it complements rather than overwhelms the natural fruit flavors.
  • Alcohol Content: Typically around 13.5-14.5%, perfectly balanced to enhance the wine’s overall character and drinkability.
  • Tasting Profile: The wine displays a deep ruby color. Aromatically, it offers a rich blend of dark fruits like blackberries and plums, combined with spicy pepper, chocolate, and a hint of oak. On the palate, it presents a lush profile of ripe berries, dark chocolate, sweet spices, and vanilla. The texture is robust yet smooth, with well-integrated tannins leading to a long, satisfying finish.
  • Bottling: Bottled with minimal intervention to maintain the integrity of the Shiraz’s flavor and the connection to its terroir.

Pour a glass of Tait The Border Crossing Shiraz 2019 and be immediately captivated by its deep, alluring ruby hue. The nose is a symphony of aromas: rich dark fruits like blackberries and plums meld seamlessly with hints of spicy pepper, chocolate, and a subtle touch of oak – a true reflection of its Australian roots.

The palate is where The Border Crossing Shiraz truly shines. Experience a lush array of flavors – ripe, juicy berries intertwined with notes of dark chocolate, sweet spices, and a gentle hint of vanilla. The wine’s texture is robust yet smooth, with tannins that are well-integrated, adding structure and depth. The finish is long and gratifying, marked by a persistent complexity that is the hallmark of a great Shiraz.


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