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Tait The Wild Ride 2018

Tait The Wild Ride 2018



Introducing Tait The Wild Ride 2018, an audacious and vibrant embodiment of Australian winemaking. This daring blend from the renowned wine regions of Australia is a celebration of the exceptional 2018 vintage, renowned for producing grapes with robust flavors and exquisite balance. The Wild Ride, crafted by the skilled artisans at Tait, is a testament to the adventurous spirit of Australian winemaking, offering a wine that is both dynamic and unforgettable.

With a commitment to excellence and a flair for innovation, Tait has created The Wild Ride to capture the essence of the Australian terroir. This wine is not just an expression of the grapes from which it is made; it is a journey through the rich, diverse landscapes of Australia’s vineyards.

Technical Notes

  • Grape Varieties: A blend that primarily includes Shiraz, with additional varietals to enhance complexity and flavor profile.
  • Vineyard Location: Sourced from select vineyards across Australia’s key wine regions, each chosen for their quality and contribution to the blend’s overall character.
  • Soil Type: The vineyards feature a range of soil types, including rich loams and ancient rocky soils, contributing to the grapes’ robust flavor profile and structural complexity.
  • Climate: The 2018 vintage was marked by a favorable climate, characterized by a balance of sunny days and cooler nights. This allowed for optimal ripening of the grapes, enhancing the development of complex flavors and aromas.
  • Harvesting: Grapes are handpicked at optimal maturity, focusing on capturing the essence and character of each varietal in the blend.
  • Fermentation: Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, with specific attention to temperature control, ensuring maximum flavor extraction and color stability.
  • Aging: The wine is aged in oak barrels, adding layers of complexity, depth, and subtle oak nuances. The aging process is carefully managed to ensure a harmonious integration of flavors.
  • Alcohol Content: Typically around 14-15%, contributing to the wine’s boldness and structure.
  • Tasting Profile: Displays a deep, rich color. The aroma is a vibrant mix of dark berries, plums, and exotic spices, complemented by a smoky undertone. The palate reveals flavors of blackberry, cherry, mocha, and licorice, with earthy hints. The texture is rich and full-bodied, with smooth tannins and a long, memorable finish.
  • Bottling: Bottled with minimal intervention to maintain the integrity of the blend and highlight the unique characteristics of the varietals.

As you pour a glass of Tait The Wild Ride 2018, you are immediately greeted by its deep, enticing hue, a promise of the intensity that awaits. The nose is a complex array of aromas: dark, ripe berries and juicy plums blend with hints of exotic spices and a delicate touch of smokiness – a true reflection of its Australian roots.

On the palate, The Wild Ride 2018 delivers a symphony of flavors. A bold array of blackberry and cherry notes is beautifully interlaced with nuances of mocha, licorice, and a hint of earthy undertones. The texture is rich and full-bodied, with velvety tannins that add depth and structure to the wine. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering impression of boldness and creativity that is the hallmark of Tait wines.

91 pts Vinous

Deep, shimmering garnet. Aromas of ripe red and blue fruits, baking spices and mocha, with a smoky nuance emerging as the wine opens up. Pliant and lively in the mouth, offering juicy raspberry and boysenberry flavors and repeating spiciness. In an ample, fruit-driven style, with subtle tannins lending shape to the persistent finish.