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thistledown eagles

Thistledown Where Eagles Dare Shiraz 2019


About this Wine


Unveil the opulence of Thistledown Where Eagles Dare Shiraz 2019, a masterpiece emerging from the heart of Australia’s prestigious wine regions. This Shiraz stands as a testament to the 2019 vintage, renowned for producing grapes that express the intricate balance of flavor, body, and aroma that is sought after by Shiraz lovers worldwide. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, Where Eagles Dare Shiraz is a product of meticulous vineyard selection and innovative winemaking techniques. It embodies the quintessence of Australian Shiraz, blending the traditional boldness of the varietal with a modern, elegant twist. Each bottle is a journey through the rich terroir, offering an experience that resonates with the soul of its origins.

Technical Notes

  • Grape Variety: 100% Shiraz.
  • Vineyard Location: Sourced from select vineyards known for their quality Shiraz grapes, positioned in some of Australia’s premium wine regions.
  • Soil Type: The vineyards feature a mix of soil types, each contributing to the complexity and depth of the wine. These soils range from ancient rocky terrains to more fertile loams, providing a diverse foundation for grape growth.
  • Climate: The 2019 vintage was characterized by balanced weather conditions, with adequate rainfall and warm temperatures, conducive to the development of rich flavors and aromas in the Shiraz grapes.
  • Harvesting: Grapes are handpicked at optimal maturity to ensure a perfect balance of sugar, acidity, and phenolics.
  • Fermentation: Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, with a focus on preserving the Shiraz’s vibrant fruit flavors. Some batches undergo whole-bunch fermentation to add complexity and structure.
  • Aging: Aged in a combination of new and used oak barrels. The oak aging process is carefully managed to impart depth and character to the wine without overpowering its natural fruit flavors.
  • Alcohol Content: Typically around 14-14.5%, balancing the wine’s robustness with drinkability.
  • Tasting Profile: Exhibits a deep garnet color. The nose is a rich blend of blackberries, plums, and spices, complemented by smoky oak undertones. The palate is full-bodied with flavors of ripe dark fruit, licorice, and cocoa, enriched by a hint of eucalyptus. The wine has silky tannins and a well-judged acidity, leading to a long, velvety finish.
  • Bottling: Bottled with minimal intervention to ensure the wine’s integrity and expressiveness.

Tasting Notes

In the glass, Thistledown Where Eagles Dare Shiraz 2019 presents with a deep, alluring garnet color, foretelling the richness of the experience to come. The nose is enveloped in a bouquet of vibrant dark fruits, where lush blackberries and plums meet a delicate interplay of spices and a hint of smoky oak.

On the palate, this wine unfolds its true grandeur. It showcases a robust profile of ripe berries and dark cherries, seamlessly integrated with notes of licorice, cocoa, and a subtle hint of eucalyptus. The texture is sumptuous yet refined, with silky tannins and a well-balanced acidity that enlivens the fruitiness. The finish is prolonged and memorable, leaving behind a velvety embrace and a lingering desire for another taste.

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