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Vina Alicia Paso de Piedra Malbec

Vina Alicia ‘Paso de Piedra’ Malbec 2019

About this Wine

Introducing the Vina Alicia ‘Paso de Piedra’ Malbec 2019, a testament to the rich winemaking heritage of Argentina. This Malbec is a shining example of the 2019 vintage, renowned for producing wines of extraordinary quality and depth. Cultivated in the lush vineyards of Argentina, renowned for their high altitude and fertile soils, the ‘Paso de Piedra’ Malbec captures the essence of its terroir, offering a wine that is both bold and nuanced.

At Vina Alicia, our passion for winemaking is reflected in every bottle of ‘Paso de Piedra’ Malbec. We combine traditional techniques with modern technology to create wines that honor our Argentinian roots while appealing to a global palate. This Malbec, with its complex profile and elegant structure, is a true embodiment of our dedication to excellence in winemaking.

Technical Notes

  • Grape Variety: 100% Malbec.
  • Vineyard Location: The grapes are sourced from the ‘Paso de Piedra’ vineyards in Argentina, known for their high-altitude terrain and mineral-rich soils.
  • Soil Type: The vineyards feature a variety of soil types, including alluvial, gravel, and clay, which contribute to the depth and complexity of the wine.
  • Climate: The 2019 vintage was marked by a climate favorable for growing Malbec, with optimal balances of daytime warmth and cool nights, aiding in the development of rich, complex flavors.
  • Harvesting: Grapes are hand-harvested with careful attention to ensure the selection of the best fruit, focusing on optimal ripeness and flavor concentration.
  • Fermentation: Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperatures, allowing for the preservation of the grape’s natural flavors and aromas.
  • Aging: The wine is aged in oak barrels, which imparts additional complexity and depth, as well as subtle notes of vanilla and mocha.
  • Alcohol Content: Typically around 13.5-14.5%, well-balanced with the wine’s robust flavor profile.
  • Tasting Profile: Exhibits a deep purple color. The nose offers an aromatic blend of dark fruits like plums and blackberries, complemented by vanilla and mocha. On the palate, it features ripe black fruit flavors, dark chocolate, sweet spices, and a hint of tobacco. The texture is smooth, with velvety tannins and a balanced acidity, leading to a refreshing and long-lasting finish.
  • Bottling: Bottled with minimal filtration to maintain the wine’s integrity and to showcase the distinct characteristics of the Malbec grape.

Tasting Notes

Upon pouring, the ‘Paso de Piedra’ Malbec 2019 delights the eyes with its deep, vibrant purple hue. The aroma is a captivating blend of ripe dark fruits – think plums and blackberries – entwined with subtle hints of vanilla and mocha, a nod to its careful maturation in oak barrels.

The palate is treated to a rich tapestry of flavors. This Malbec offers a robust profile of juicy black fruits, perfectly complemented by nuances of dark chocolate, sweet spices, and a hint of tobacco. The wine’s texture is remarkably smooth, with velvety tannins providing structure and depth. Balanced acidity ensures that each sip finishes with a refreshing and enduring elegance, leaving a lasting impression of the varietal’s characteristic richness and complexity.